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The DVD arrived
I have purchased many DVD/VHS items from people in the past and in almost all cases I have been very disappointed. This disc however is just great - better than I ever expected.


Just a note to let you know that the DVD's I ordered from you last week have arrived in good order. material and the transfers are excellent. I'm very pleased.


I just wanted to let you know the VHS tape of THE NARROW TRAIL arrived today, and all I can say is WOW!!! I have seen so many fuzzy, contrasty, washed-out copies of it over the years from various dealers, that I was skeptical about your site's claims of quality. But your version IS the very best I've ever seen, and I was finally able to really enjoy one of Hart's best Westerns!!!
Thanks a lot,

If this was a ebay sale I would give you the highest rating.


Received just today. I was preparing to write back. Extremely good service, and the film looks very good. I will recommend your service. Thanks.
-- Don M


I received your two tapes today and 1 DVD. Quality is great and it was appreciated getting a DVD, although I already had the titles in another format. I'll be waiting for the other tape when you get it done and any of the other early ones.


I've very much enjoyed what I've seen so far; it's wonderful that you can gather and distribute these obscure archives!
RS                                                                 --------------------

Just to let you know I received the video tape today. Its excellent. I've been trying to obtain that tape for a long time and thanks to you I got it. I'll be sure to recommend you to others.
Once again thanks very much  KB


The DVD's arrived a few days ago and they are superb!
The quality of the recording is excellent and I like the packaging too.
Best regards,


Thanks, I am so happy that you had this available. I will be sure to share your website with others who may be nostalgic about old TV Shows they enjoyed in their youth. Best regards and Happy New Year


The DVD's arrived safely on Friday and they are great. Worth the wait and up to your usual high standard.
I received it this AM. Played it this aft. & it is excellent! Don't you  also have one with . . .

Looking at the DVD's now. The sound is amazing for 1929. Great transfer!

Thanks so much for your prompt reply and great customer service!

I have your Andy's Gang DVD & very impressed as to the quality.

A received your Guy Lombardo DVD a couple weeks ago and I must say it is excellent !!! I certainly hope you plan of releasing more Lombardo material in the future. Thanks for a most enjoyable trip down memory lane.
Fred Z

Just to let you know that the DVD arrived today and from the quick peek I took it looks wonderful.  Thanks!
Alan F

The DVD, CD, and Color brochure arrived. I have to tell you that this is the BEST job I have ever seen done on a nostalgia item. What a treat.

The DVD I got from your company is great.

hello Dennis,
just wanted to thank you again for the Silents Please videos. Just as you said, they arrived today and I am enjoying them now. thanks again for the prompt service. I think you've made a friend of mine very happy on his birthday next week!
Dave S.

Hi, thought I would let you know that I received the DVD on Thursday and Mom and Dad in-law LOVED THE DVD. Thank you so much and I feel you went the extra mile for me to see that I received it. So nice to know there are still great people out there. Will do business again. Ronna

I just wanted you to know  your DVD's are  the greatest quality I've seen. I will be ordering more Leon Errol's soon. Tony

You ship quickly.  Thanks.  Great video.  Joe

Received the Guy Lombardo tape and am pleased with the video quality, considering those early days of TV.
Thanks very much.
Jim P

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