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What Was The Great Lakes Cinephile Society?

  We were a gathering of people without regard to sex, race, creed, color or religion with one common interest, to view vintage motion pictures, the classics and not so classic ones in surroundings like they were  originally presented.

The Great Lakes Cinephile Society, Inc. was founded in 1990 by Dennis R. Atkinson and Terry Hoover and was a non-profit  organization.   Our goal from year one was to raise funding to further film preservation efforts or pay for projection prints of preserved films. It is not widely know that there are hundreds of preserved motion pictures but no funding for final positive projection prints.

Among the projects we have supplied funding for areVitaphone shorts, a Toonerville Trolley comedy, a Screen Snapshots, trailers and the restoration of The Lost World and other projects as the Archives see fit.

Our Festival - The Fall Cinesation

We annually showed over 24 hours of fine vintage film fare every year.

Most of the films were show are in 35mm for superior screen quality. They were supplied by cooperating film distributors and the leading archives  such as The George Eastman House, The Library of Congress, The National Archives of Canada.and film distributors like Universal, Turner, Milestone Films, Kino, Paramount, Columbia and private collections.

  Our program was a varied presentation of silent  and sound features and short subjects including cartoons, newsreels, trailers, film fragments  and the proverbial serial chapter so you have to come back next year to see how the hero survived.

Fall Cinesation

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