You may ask "What Is Billy Watson's Beef Trust"?

It was a dancing troupe with a bevy of large women.

To join the one of the requirements was you had to be between

170 and 225 pounds.

Well, until recently there has been nothing on the internet on this vaudeville company.   Billy Watson's line of Rubenesque British beauties were brought here in the 1870s (and known, perhaps a little unkindly, as "the Beef Trust"),

they was around possibly until the 1950's.

Recently some glamour photos of the girls that date from

1935 became available and are posted here.

It is hoped that anybody that has any knowledge of recollections of this troop will contact me so we can post it here, to give them the

recognition they deserve.

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Beef Trust Circa 1920's

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Pictures of the girls circa 1935.

The back of the Beef Trust postcard.

Comic postcards of the era on fat people


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