Yes, the next generation format is here. The little DVD with picture quality twice that of VHS, Almost all of our releases are available on DVD with no increase in price.

Our releases are high quality DVD-R digital recordings. They are compatible with almost all newer DVD players. Most but not all older machines over 2 years old may not be able to play them or many of the other new variations* that have appeared on the market since they were made. Check you machine out here. Also check your owners manual which is a guide but not necessarily accurate.

To insure your satisfaction we are offering a demo disc of our library for $7.50. Then when you place an order for either DVD or VHS it will be fully credited to your order.

*The alphabet soup of format wars are with us again. There's DVD, DVD-RAM, DVD-R. DVD+R, VCD, DVD-RW, DVD+RD, and possibly a few more lurking out there.